Why Coaching?


Unlock Your Potential

Every decision you have made in your life has been a choice, even if an unconscious one.

If you, like millions of Americans, find yourself stuck in a job that does not reward you, trapped in a toxic environment that threatens your health and well-being, and working with people who degrade you, it is time for you to make a change. Working with the right coach will enhance your natural leadership abilities and strengthen resilience skills.


By engaging in and trusting the coaching process, you will:

Increase your awareness of decisions and behaviors that have sabotaged your growth and success in the past.

Become stronger, more resourceful, more resilient, and more empowered, leading to better decision-making.

Learn how to shift your thinking to reduce stress, overcome barriers to success, and create new opportunities for yourself.


Coaching for Growth

Coaching will help you set intentions for your life and reclaim your ability to choose who you show up as each day.

The skills you will develop during our coaching sessions will allow you to be more confident in the decisions you make, experience less stress and pressure in your life, and grow into a better and more effective leader. You will discover that you can achieve prosperity and peace without sacrificing your health and well-being, map a new career trajectory that aligns with who you are, and manifest your own opportunities – just by shifting your mindset.


Coaching Can Be Helpful

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading to learn more about how working with a coach can help you live a life of joy and freedom!

Are you overwhelmed and dissatisfied at work, while all of your colleagues seem to have it together?


Do you fixate on what you do not want in life, instead of focusing on achieving what you do want?


Does life seem like it is happening to you, instead of for you?


...By the end of our sessions, I had the confidence to have uncomfortable conversations with people, stand up for myself and make obtainable goals for the near and far future. I was also able to manage my time better and prioritize what was important to me in my career and personal life. Janet has really helped me connect with my voice and capabilities in the most inspiring way.

MB ATF EAP and Wellness Program Manager

The session with Janet was different than other coaching sessions I have participated in. Without me realizing it at the moment, she awakened an old passion and ignited the motivation I previously had for a physical and healthy lifestyle... I know without a doubt, that if it were not for Coach Janet, I would not have the awareness of "how things are - what is happening - what do I need to do" and I certainly would not have made the progress I have made in such a short period of time! I am grateful and humbled!

Tina K. Coaching Client

Dr. Little led many group discussions with 4C focusing on resiliency techniques, de-stress techniques, breathing exercises and coping mechanisms. She allowed for open discussion with the team members, creating a very safe and comfortable environment. Not only did she provide techniques, but she led meditations and mindfulness moments with the team.

TW Medstar WHC - Patient Care Manager

... Dr. Little provided one on one sessions with team members who needed personal attention. She would meet in a private location on the unit with the associates who needed her. Those willing to share their experience with Dr. Little raved about how well she listened and helped in their time of need.

RW Medstar WHC - Nursing Director